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Jessica Robinson

Jessica is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur who has come to understand the importance of health in order to be successful in all aspects of her life. In 2011, Jessica married James and two years later they welcomed their son. Despite working out most of her pregnancy, Jessica gained over seventy-five (75) pounds and was far from the picture of health. This took a major toll on her mental health. She felt helpless, frustrated, and overwhelmed that she was not one of those women who easily bounced back. It was in that moment she decided to prioritize a healthy lifestyle and realized that "bouncing back" is not something that happens overnight. After nearly a decade on her healthy journey she now hopes to encourage women who may feel as helpless as she once did and show them that the "bounce back" often takes longer than expected but is 100% possible.

Through Jessica's health and fitness journey and as she has gotten older, she realized the importance of supplements to help fuel her body for workouts and aid in recovery, as well as promote overall wellness. That is why Jessica loves NativeFirst Nutrition Products. Not only do they offer BCAAs provide the extra hydration needed during and after workouts, but NativeFirst Nutrition is also focused on overall well-being and healing. Jessica especially appreciates that NativeFirst Nutrition is not just another supplement brand geared toward the gym lifestyle but is committed to the health and wellness of communities. Using these products has helped Jessica become the best version of herself, physically and mentally.  

James Robinson

James Robinson (Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians) is an entrepreneur focused on products and services in Indian Country. He has a passion to promote health, education, and economic development. James grew up on his reservation in Choctaw, MS, where he always had a desire to compete athletically and understood the importance of nutrition as it relates to performance. As an entrepreneur, married, father of two, he re-dedicated his mentality of balancing health, wellness, and nutrition. This was drawn from his love of playing basketball, snowboarding, and the traditional sport of stickball. He realized his demanding schedule and frequent travel made it difficult to work out and a focus on a healthy diet.

There are many supplement and nutrition brands in the market, James chose NativeFirst Nutrition as the go-to supplement brand based of their commitment to community, product transparency, and mission to overall wellness products. He has bought into NativeFirst Nutrition's value and willingness to research tried and true health products that have benefited generations. NativeFirst Nutrition's education surrounding health/wellness and supporting youth organizations focused on staying active made it a natural brand choice.

Krystalynn Duvall

Yá'át'ééh (Hello) my name is Krystalynn Duvall. I'm a mom to an 8 year old little girl. I am a full blooded member of the Navajo Nation and reside on the reservation in Northern Arizona. Here's a short version of my story. I've had 3 spinal cord surgeries due to a tumor growing inside my spinal cord on my nerves causing major nerve damage to my legs mainly my right leg, also the result of the surgeries I've got a weak back, major nerve damage to both my legs mainly my right leg and I suffer from chronic back pain basically 24/7. I've also had other small surgeries after. My health isn't the greatest. I've also gone through a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I've been on this road to recovery for over 5 years now since my third spinal cord surgery. My very first spinal cord surgery was back in 2010.

I was told by my doctors I would never be able to use my legs again and my world was shaken but I knew from the beginning I wasn't going to give up without a fight. I knew I had to at least try. So over the years I've learned to seek out the bright spots in my new lifestyle. I knew that I wasn't going to stop living so I found a new way of living life to the fullest just with some extra wheels attached to me.

For several years after I had finished a round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments I had a hard time gaining weight and it was super hard for me to eat. My body was use to not wanting to eat because I would end up throwing up the food later. So for a long time it was a battle for me to eat. I was scared to eat is more like it. But as I was adjusting to my new lifestyle I got into weight lifting. I never lifted weights before. I was always just a runner before all my surgeries but I wanted to get my body moving again. And thats when I started lifting weights and although I had to modify alot of the exercises especially leg workouts I still did my best. Over the years I've regained my strength back and also my appetite to eat. My fitness journey isn't like most. Everyday is different. Everyday I have to adjust to whatever pain level I'm at and go from there. Staying consistent and disciplined has brought me so far in my journey. 


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